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Laughing At Ourselves
   March 6, 2016, 10:20 PM

Some people have this tenancy
to make others feel sad,
some even torment just
to make others get mad.
Little ole me
I like to brighten up
everyone’s day with laughter
by telling a joke or two,
because I feel that laughter
is the best medicine
to get rid of the blues.
The world can be a funny place
if you stop and look at it for a while.
Everything has its funny side,
even in the darkest day.
An incoherent message
that makes no sense at all
some would find funny
and end up curled up on the floor.
So whatever you are doing
look on the funny side of it
for nothing can be funnier
than laughing at ourselves.
- David Harris

Author : David Harris
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